Best Place to Plant Your Garden

Many people love to plant gardens at their homes. This is because they provide convenience. The garden at home ensures that you do not have to go the convenient store or the market to get vegetables every now and then. It also allows you to enjoy fresh and natural products from your own space. The gardens can be large and expansive of small depending on the space you have. In addition to providing you with fresh produce, gardens can also be planted to improve the appearance of your space.

The best place to plant your garden

Establishing a garden is not as easy as many people tend to think. A lot of considerations have to be done to ensure that the garden will be healthy and productive once it is established. Here are several important factors to put into consideration when selecting the best spot for your garden:

Carry out a test of the soil

This is very important when you are selecting the site to establish your garden because different types and pH of soils favor different plants. Take many different samples from random spots in the area and test them. After obtaining the tests required, then you will be able to know how best to manipulate the soil for high productivity of your plants.

The amount of sun and shade the garden is exposed to

Different plants do well in different conditions of sun and shade. While leafy vegetables and fruit trees do well with a little shade, peppers and tomatoes do best in the sun. When establishing the site for your garden, it is important to consider the needs of the particular plants you intend to plant.

The exposure to wind

Wind in its extremities can damage the plants by making their stems bent over and even dying the plants up. Excess exposure to the wind may lead to death of the plants due to withering. Building a perimeter wall may not be of much use because the wind will rise and crush the plants with more force. The best solution when your land is in the open is to make a hedge and properly support your plants.

The ease of maintenance of the garden

When establishing your garden, you should be able to consider the plants that require more care and those that do not. The plants that require frequent watering by hand and those that are harvested regularly should be established close by. On the other hand, those pants that require little maintenance can be planted at the far end of the garden like the perennial fruit trees and self-reliant vegetables.


May people desire to have gardens but they do not know how to establish them. A garden is able to provide you with fresh vegetable produce at very cheap cost. This is because the cost of maintenance of the garden is affordable. When establishing your garden, things like the pH and type of soil, exposure to sunlight, wind and shade are some of the important things to consider.


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