Gardening Tips

Tailoring the exterior look of your home from roofing to landscaping is the ideal way by which to create a space that attempts to reflect your personality. Inexpensive landscaping ideas that can be utilized to improve the outside of your home are numerous. The secret lies in using the services of creative designers that have an innate desire to use plants and materials that are both environmentally friendly and are easy to source locally. The aim should be to re-use creative some creative materials that free, cheap or low-maintenance.


What are some inexpensive ways to improve the landscape outside my home? The following are some insightful tips:

Geometric patterns

The use of ground cover and pavers is an inexpensive landscaping idea that can create a huge visual impact. This means that if there is bare earth or unused ground space in the backyard that you would like to be covered up, utilize broken pavers or recycled pavers by applying a mosaic pattern of choice. You can put creeping sedum or plant moss between the seams for a desirable contrast. Combining the 2 materials translates to purchasing each of less thus attracting savings.


Many plants and flowers can grow from small cuttings of other plants. You can ask friends for a few small cuttings of their foliage that has caught your eye. Beautiful plants and flowers like butterfly bush and succulents thrive from clippings and are guaranteed to spruce up the exterior of a home. It is better than purchasing expensive bulbs, seedlings or plants from nurseries.


Some good ideas of planters that might be available are old pallets, tires, barrels or creates. Repurposed planters can be clustered at various heights to add dimension, depth as well as a visual focal point to gardens. Planters can also be upcycled in a contemporary and inexpensive way by simply painting them in a bold color.


These can be defined as plants that grow year after year. Filling up your garden with perennials is a flower choice that is very inexpensive. Some modern perennials that might be a good choice are Veronica, Sage, Kangaroo Paw, Coneflower, Buddleia, Baptisia, Astilbe and Allium. The two popular approaches are a combination of colorful perennials or one-color floral garden. Purchasing perennials is a bit expensive but it is a one-off buy that attracts savings later i.e. visually and financially.

Ornamental grasses

A combination of various grasses is a good way by which to add texture, color as well as a modern look to your home garden. Grasses tend to make landscapes appear to be expensive and of a high-design. Some common grasses you can consider are Zoysia, Little Bluestem, Fountaingrass, Flax, Feather Reedgrass and Blue Oatgrass. Grasses should be planted in clusters for that desired contemporary look.


It is inexpensive, durable and low-maintenance. You can utilize gravel in the spots whereby plants do not do that well, places with drainage problems, places that experience heavy foot traffic as well as in areas whereby a modern architectural look is required.


The above insightful tips should significantly help you in improving the landscape outside your home without hurting your budget.





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